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3D Bioprinting

Prometheus is also working on R&D projects concerning the creation of 3D human tissues exploiting its disruptive new technology:
the proprietary 3D Bioprinter that uses cells embanded in biomaterials as ink.


The 3D Bioprinter of Prometheus guarantees a higher cell viability (>95%) after printer and beyond, instead of other machines (<65%) now available in different laboratories. Thanks to the innovative extrusion system, we are able to control cell disposition inside the final tissue, creating functional tissue always equal one to another, even if created in different process. This aspect is really important to have more reliable data when 3D artificial tissues are used for drug testing.


How it works

3dbioprinting, Prometheus

3Dprinting of human tissues will reduce animal testing in the preclinal phase of drug developement

3D-bioprinting, Prometheus, Valentina Menozzi, Alice MIchelangeli

The application of 3D human tissue will be both for for preclinical drug testing to reduce animal testing in the preclinal phase of drug developement(short-term project) and regenerative medicine (medium-long termproject) to create new compatible tissues starting from patient’s own cells.

Our results

High control cell disposition

    • 87%


    • 90%

Prometheus has already won a SME InstrumentPhase1 (H2020) with the project called3D Living Tissues(3DLT –n. 855706) concerning the creation of a 3D cell system to test with more reliability in the preclinical phase new immunotherapies against cancer.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 855706-3DLT